Arizona Cardinals Club Corners

The Arizona Cardinals Club Corners describes the sections on the edges of the 200 level of club seating at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Club Corners extending off the corners of each endzone far removed from the center of the field.

The 20 sections of Arizona Cardinals Club Corners are split into four areas of five sections each. In the south corner are: Cardinals Club Section 201, Cardinals Club Section 202, Cardinals Club Section 203, Cardinals Club Section 204, and Cardinals Club Section 205. The west corner has: Cardinals Club Section 218, Cardinals Club Section 219, Cardinals Club Section 220, Cardinals Club Section 221, and Cardinals Club Section 222. Five sections are located in the north corner: Cardinals Club Section 227, Cardinals Club Section 228, Cardinals Club Section 229, Cardinals Club Section 230, and Cardinals Club Section 231. The remaining sections are in the east corner: Cardinals Club Section 244, Cardinals Club Section 245, Cardinals Club Section 246, Cardinals Club Section 247, and Cardinals Club Section 248. All Club Corners sections are in the worst possible seating locations within the exclusive club level. While Club Corners patrons are still granted access throughout the 200 level, any ticket to a Club Goal Line or Club Sideline section is preferable to the poor views granted by the Club Corners sections.

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Cardinals Club Corners tickets cost $1550 when purchased as a full season ticket package of two preseason and eight regular season games. After the end of season ticket sales, remaining seats are sold as individual game tickets for $180 each. Given the high markup for Club Corners tickets relative to great seats on Main level, few games result in Club Corners tickets being sold out. The best seats near the front rows and aisles of each section are sold to season ticket holders, but fans unable to secure these premium locations will save money by looking for Cardinals Club Corners tickets on the secondary market. Search multiple ticket websites and Cardinals tickets vendors for the widest selection, but avoid paying more than face value for any Club Corners ticket during the regular season. Preseason contests often have deals on Club Corners tickets for half of face value.