Arizona Cardinals Club Goal Line

Arizona Cardinals Club Goal Line seats are located in small seating areas near both goal lines on the 200 level of the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Goal Line sections split into four groups of three sections each.

Arizona Cardinals Club Goal Line areas on the south portion of the stadium are: Cardinals Club Section 206, Cardinals Club Section 207, and Cardinals Club Section 208. Sections on the west side are: Cardinals Club Section 215, Cardinals Club Section 216, and Cardinals Club Section 217. North corner segments are: Cardinals Club Section 232, Cardinals Club Section 233, and Cardinals Club Section 234. East areas are: Cardinals Club Section 241, Cardinals Club Section 242, and Cardinals Club Section 243. All Cardinals Club Goal Line ticket holders receive full access to the amenities of the club, or 200, level of the stadium including private concourses, improved concessions, and upgraded restroom facilities. However, fans in the 200 level must retain their club tickets at all times to enter and exit through the main doors to other levels of the stadium. 

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Cardinals Club Goal Line tickets cost $250 per game as part of a full ticket package of two preseason games and eight regular season games or $275 a piece as individual game tickets. The relatively low percentage discount for season ticket buyers creates an odd market dynamic where buyers looking for Cardinals Club Goal Line tickets for every game can often save money by avoiding the season ticket option from the team and shopping for tickets from independent ticket brokers and third party ticket websites. With enormous discounts off of face value for preseason games and regular season games rarely selling above face value on the resale market, few buyers would prefer acquiring season tickets for this section. The best seat locations near the front rows of each section or most aisle locations are sold to season ticket purchasers prior to the beginning of single game sales, but the distance from the field and corner angles render incremental improvements in seat location meaningless.