Arizona Cardinals Club Sidelines

Arizona Cardinals Club Sidelines include the best seating locations available on the 200 level of the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Club Sidelines sections stretched between the 20 yard lines on both sides of the field.

Arizona Cardinals Club Sidelines along the home sideline are: Cardinals Club Section 209, Cardinals Club Section 210, Cardinals Club Section 211, Cardinals Club Section 212, Cardinals Club Section 213, and Cardinals Club Section 214. Areas along the visitor's sideline are: Cardinals Club Section 235, Cardinals Club Section 236, Cardinals Club Section 237, Cardinals Club Section 238, Cardinals Club Section 239, and Cardinals Club Section 240. All Cardinals Club Sidelines tickets provide access to the exclusive club level of the University of Phoenix Stadium with upgraded concessions and amenities. The Club Sidelines sections closer to midfield offer an improved view relative to sections closer to the endzones and the worst seats are immediately next to the far cheaper Cardinals Club Goal Line sections.

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Cardinals Club Sidelines tickets cost $445 per game when purchased as individual game tickets. Season ticket buyers receive a discount by paying $4000 for a total of ten games consisting of two preseason and eight regular season games. While the $45 per ticket differential provides incentive for frequent fans to purchase season tickets, the severe discounts for preseason games sold on the secondary market complicates the financial calculation. Many preseason contests have Cardinals Club Sidelines tickets available for under $200 with poorly attended regular season games also sold for under face value. However, the best seats within the section--closest to the 50-yard line and front rows--are sold out to season ticket holders long before the beginning of individual game sales. Fans planning to attend multiple home games in the club section should consider season tickets for the best locations while sporadic attendees will be better served by shopping secondary market ticket sources and the Cardinals for individual game tickets.