Arizona Cardinals Main Corners

The Arizona Cardinals Main Corners include 14 individual sections spread across the four corners of the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Main Corners on the 100 level of seating closest to the field.

Arizona Cardinals Main Corners in the south corner are in Cardinals Main Section 101, Cardinals Main Section 102, Cardinals Main Section 103, and Cardinals Main Section 104. West sections are: Cardinals Main Section 113, Cardinals Main Section 114, and Cardinals Main Section 115. The areas in the north corner are Cardinals Main Section 123, Cardinals Main Section 124, and Cardinals Main Section 125. Cardinals Main Corners in the east corner are: Cardinals Main Section 134, Cardinals Main Section 135, Cardinals Main Section 136, and Cardinals Main Section 137.

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Cardinals Main Corners tickets cost $750 for a full season ticket package of two preseason games and eight regular season games. Individual game tickets cost $100 per game for both regular and preseason contests. Since all Main Corners tickets are sold for the same price by the team, coveted seats near the aisles or front rows closest to the field are sold out long before single game ticket sales commence. While first row tickets next to the field allows fans to get close to the action, the awkward angle makes it difficult to follow the game. The best Cardinals Main Corners seats are generally positioned at least eight rows from the field to provide a clear view of the opposite side of the field.

Arizona Cardinals Main Corners

Arizona Cardinals Main Corners
View from the Arizona Cardinals Main Corners