Arizona Cardinals Main Endzone

The Arizona Cardinals Main Endzone includes the sections directly behind the endzone on the field level of the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Main Endzone in line with the goal posts on the 100 level of seating.

Arizona Cardinals Main Endzone sections are located in the north-west section of the stadium behind the endzone in Cardinals Main Section 116, Cardinals Main Section 117, Cardinals Main Section 118, Cardinals Main Section 119, Cardinals Main Section 120, Cardinals Main Section 121, and Cardinals Main Section 122. The seats within each Main Endzone section vary between grey, for the rows closer to the field, and dark red for the rows further back in each section. With more than 30 rows in each section, the view from the top rows is substantially different than the game experience for fans sitting in the front row.

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Cardinals Main Endzone tickets are sold as a full season ticket block of ten tickets consisting of two preseason games and eight regular season games. Full season Main Endzone packages cost $650. Single game Main Endzone tickets are available for sale after the end of season ticket sales. Individual game tickets cost $90 when purchased from the team. Because the Cardinals have suffered from sporadically low attendance during recent seasons, hundreds of Main Endzone tickets are generally available for single game purchase directly from the team. However, given the large price differential between season tickets and individual game tickets, be sure to consult internet ticket websites and independent ticket sellers for the best prices and widest selection for each Cardinals home game.

Arizona Cardinals Main Endzone

Arizona Cardinals Main Endzone
View from the Arizona Cardinals Main Endzone