Arizona Cardinals Terrace Main

The Arizona Cardinals Terrace Main includes four sections around the 50 yard line on each side of the University of Phoenix Stadium. The University of Phoenix Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Terrace Main sections high above the field on the top level of seating in the venue.

Arizona Cardinals Terrace Main sections on the Cardinals side of the field include Cardinals Terrace Section 411, Cardinals Terrace Section 412, Cardinals Terrace Section 413, and Cardinals Terrace Section 414. Terrace Main sections on the visitor's side of the field are Cardinals Terrace Section 442, Cardinals Terrace Section 443, Cardinals Terrace Section 444, and Cardinals Terrace Section 445. Since all Cardinals Terrace Main seats are between the 30 yard lines, every seat offers a clear view despite being high above the field. While selling at a premium to other Cardinals tickets in the Terrace seating area, Terrace Main seats provide a better game experience with unobstructed views from reasonable angles throughout every section.

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Cardinals Terrace Main tickets cost $700 for a full season ticket package of ten home games (including two preseason games) or $87.50 each when purchased as individual game tickets. Given that every ticket in the entire seating area sells for the same price, highly coveted tickets for the front rows or aisles are sold out to season ticket purchasers long before single game ticket sales commence. For preseason games and low-demand regular season contests, Cardinals Terrace Main tickets can be found for under $50 on ticket websites and from ticket brokers. During competitive games with playoff implications or against marquee opponents, Cardinals Terrace Main tickets for the front rows of sections sell for more than $100 each.

Arizona Cardinals Terrace Main

Arizona Cardinals Terrace Main
View from the Arizona Cardinals Terrace Main